Harley Clifford is growing up quick. He’s a homeowner, a champion, prefers to call over text, and is now giving Watson a run for his money when it comes to the energy drink dolls. 


Rockstar or Monster girls:

All monster girls seem to love Watson and the rockstar girls share around a little more. BUT, I did have a girlfriend once that was a rockstar chick; Not the best idea…



Tattoo’s or Piercing’s:

I’m not a massive fan of either but tattoos are alright as long as they’re not tramp stamps, names or flames.



Liquor or Beer:

To me they both taste gross but if I want to get a buzz going I would say liquor since it’s faster.



Switch or Regular:




Bob or Phil:

Haha who do you think ? I love the Sovens!



Summer or Winter:

Summer! I haven’t been in a winter in like 8 years so I don’t even know what winter is…



Austalia or Florida:




Facebook or Twitter:

Do people even use facebook anymore? I don’t know though, social media is to hard to keep up with…



Twitter or Instagram:

Instagram for sure, my twitter is just all Justin Bieber. I don’t even follow him but it seems like someone is always re-tweeting something he tweets and I can’t stand it but I do enjoy Will Ferrel parody.



Instagram or Google plus:

What is google plus? Don’t you have to pay for that?



Socks or Not:

No socks, that’s just another thing I’d have to wash if I wore them…living without mum and dad is hard haha!



Boxers or Briefs:

I usually just free ball it.



Text or Call:

Call, I’ve recently banned myself from texting. It takes too long and I used to be that boy that was unsocial and constantly a texting machine.




Bar or Club:

Bars, I can’t stand clubs and the sexual dancing (grinding i think they call it). I hate that plus all they play is dubstep or top 10.



Cable – clockwise or counter clockwise:

Does it matter? I don’t think people even do air tricks anymore.



Kickers or Double Ups:

Double ups of course. I like there being a down to land on; Kickers can hurt to much.



MTV or VH1:

I don’t watch either but I’m going to have to say MTV since I’m part of that show were Bob does stupid stuff and Phil is always complaining.



Mountains or the Beach:

The beach!