JD Webb: To be or not to be?


Blonde or Brunette:  Brunette. I’ve got one now and always have. Haha.


Mountains or Beach: Beach. There’s nothing better than babes in the sand and epic surf. Bocas del Toro in Panama has been the most epic trip of all.

JD surfing on the “mission Caribbean” trip to the Virgin Islands. 


Shoes or Thongs: I don’t know this is a tough one. Reef’s had a lot of sweet shoes lately, but sometimes theres nothing better than airing out the toes.


Lemon Drops or Car Bombs: Lemon drops. I hate Guinness, even though lemon drops are for bitches.

JD Dropping bombs at the cable park…


Video or Stills: Video. You can still showcase your style and stick some bangers to portray your complete riding style.


Wakeskate or Wakesurf: Wakesurf, because I love to surf in general and the Nautique 230 wave is “totally epic brah.”


Text or Call: Keep it real and call. Texting just drags on and on…


Wind or Rain: Rain, because of involuntary wet t-shirt contests.


Fishin or Huntin: Fishin. Saltwater for snook, trout, and redfish In the backwaters. Also tarpon are sick!


Twitter or Instagram: Instagram, check out Jd_webb to find out why. Haha. Also Watson’s sunset photo’s are reaaaaally pretty.


Youtube or Youporn: Haha YouTube. Bob Soven’s the only one I can imagine choosing youporn.


Snooki or Kim K: Kim Kardashian. Snooki is just dumb and annoying. Kim is at least HOT, dumb and annoying.


Kankles or Muffin Top: Whoa! Neither come on man…I’m a serious leg guy, so if you had to torture me with one, I’d say the top of the muffin…