Shoes or flops: Sweaty feet run in my blood thanks to my genetics. So I say shoes unless socks and flip-flops were cool 🙂

On a flight, aisle or window: Window for sure so I can sleep without having to use my seat neighbor’s shoulder as a head rest.

Snow or skate: Well that’s a tough one. I love watching both and I’ve skateboarded more than I’ve snowboarded. But snowboarding feels amazing so I would have to say snow at the moment.

Call or text: Text with my friends call with my parents (my parents still have a hard time with English)

Tech or spins: I used to love to spin, but lately I’ve been enjoying tech tricks. Soooo tech.

Flex board or traditional: Flex board with small channels and grooves.

Land wrapped or pass: Landing wrapped

Regular or goofy: Regular

Contests or freeride: I love contests, they take me to great cable parks around the world where I can then free ride. But contest are fun!

1080s or double flips: 1080’s are impressive but it’s a consistent add on of 180’s. I like new double flips, like Shane’s, or Jeremia Hoppe’s. Different. But it’s all cool! It’s just what I prefer.

Lake or ocean: Ocean…deep sea fishing

Rails or kickers: Kickers 🙂 rails when I’m tired

Playstation or XBOX: I don’t play either…. I’d say Nintendo 64.

Comedy or action movie: Action movie! Favorite are sci-fi though, like Superman,
Hulk, Transformers, and Avatar.