Photo: Garrett Cortese

Shoes or flops: Old me would have said flops. But new me says shoes cause you never know when you gotta go Chuck Norris on somebody.

Flex board or traditional: My board by Slingshot. The one board that does it all.

On a flight, book or music: Audio book…till the ADHD kicks in and I switch over to music. Does looking at pictures in a magazine and only reading the captions that interest me count for anything?

Snow or skate: Snow for sure!

Call or text: Text

Single or significant other: Significantly other than single?

Tech or spins: Going big. Ride it like you stole it.

Only takes one set with Lyman to remind us why we really miss having him around. Photo: Garrett Cortese

Chick-fil-a or Chipotle: Chipotle burrito bowl. For dine in. Brown rice. Black beans. Chicken. Medium salsa. Sour cream. Cheese. Then grab a bag of chips and a blackberry Izze drink. Mix up your burrito bowl and eat it with your chips like a dip. It’s the best!

1080s or double flips: Double flips like Dowdy! 1080’s like a snowboarder.

Lake or ocean: Lake for riding, ocean for everything else (including life).


Photo: Garrett Cortese