If you've been living in a cave with out the WWW, then it's possible you don't know about Alliance Wakeskate. Much like this here site, it's online, free, and delves into just about everything you could ever want to know about wakeskating. It's sort of like Wikipedia, except most of what we publish is actually fact. For those cave dwellers though, we've decided to institute a new tradition. At the end of each week, we'll round up what went down over at AWS, you know, in case you missed it. So this week:

We started out with a classic rider doing a classic trick on the Monday Cover. Check out Aaron Reed's amazing steez captured so well by Bryan Soderlind here. 

Some news happened. CWB signed Mr. Matt Manzari, and Ben Horan got a new winch from Yoke Winches.

Our monthly photo gallery snaps, (or bi-monthly since it's winter) went up Wednesday and you can check out all the images here.

Then we finished out the week with an On Deck of and up and comer from Tampa, Justin Forrest.

Wait wait, how could we forget! We are also having a giveaway of a pair of Limited Edition DVS Cassette shoes! Click here to go about entering.