Abilene, TX – Tige Boats is honored to share the #tigelove and provide a sizable donation to the California Fire Foundation going into the holidays. Tige auctioned off two new boats and are proud to share a total donation of $68,400 to the California Fire Foundation.
The wildfires in California devastated and destroyed thousands of homes and caused hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate, leaving behind everything. Firefighters worked endlessly, tirelessly, and risked their lives to battle the blazes. “While there is no way to repay the firefighters for their service and commitment to the job, we are extremely thankful for them and wanted to provide our support,” stated Charlie Pigeon, Tige Boats Owner and CEO.
The two brand-new boats on auction were a 2018 Tige R20 and 2018 Tige Z1. The bidding began at $50,000 per boat. Tige guaranteed a donation of $20,000 to CA Fire Foundation, plus all of the money raised thereafter through the auction, which ended up totaling $68,400!
With the help of the Tige family around the globe, Tige Boats was able to pull together and provide financial and emotional assistance to families, firefighters, and the communities effected by the fires.
Formed in 1987 by the California Professional Firefighters, the California Fire Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters, firefighters and the communities they protect. They participate and provide care for the CA Firefighters Memorial, firefighters and their families, victim assistance, community improvement, and they offer scholarships and grants.
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