I'm sitting here with Jeff McKee while he cleans out his "sticker bin." This is literally a clear plastic bin about 8 inches deep that is stuffed with stickers. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stickers. It's basically a time capsule of Jeff's 10 years in the sport as he has barely thrown any of them away, even if he no longer rides for the company.  Here is a list of some of the companies, past and present, still around or non-existent that Jeff has ridden for throughout the years. He still has the stickers, but not much longer 'cause the bin is getting a spring cleaning.

– Body Glove: "I've been with Body Glove since I started riding. Thanks to my big brother and Charley Patterson. You can see the logo never changes."

– Gator Boards 

– Nautiques, Air Nautiques, Super Air Natiques: "Dude, look at this big white one. Remember when Byerly and Necrason used to rock these along the entire side of their boards back in the day? I wanted to do that so bad but I could never get my stance wide enough."

– Reef

– SMP 

– DVS: "The NARLA stickers are the best. I've got one on my front bumper."

– Counter Culture: "I used to ride for Counter Culture. The riders were me, my brother and Keith Kipp. That was a long time ago."

– Wiley's bindings 

– Blindside

– Bad Ass bindings: "Herbie Fletcher hooking it up. I actually rode Gator's pro model boots back then." 

– Double Up: "I had a Double Up pro model that never came out. It was amazing, would've been the best board on the market…hahaha."

– Dragon 

– Marine Products

– G-Bolts

– Performance 

– Goin' Off: "Goin' Off wakeboard bags. Hahaha."

– Slingshot 

–  Chipper Beef Jerky: "I almost rode for them. Almost made it on the team, then they failed."