Yesterday we at Alliance invited some of our good friends to join us on a journey. This was no ordinary journey, though, it was a journey back in time to the roots of wakeboarding's now evergreen tree. That's right, we brought back the Old School contest and took the level of riding to '94.

Sure, there were some things that weren't exactly true to 1994 form… bindings (kinda hard to find 18-year-old bindings that work), the boat (it had a tower, but we used the low-pole), and some of the tricks being done hadn't been invented yet. But for the most part we were back there and it was awesome. Guys showed up with memory-inducing shred sticks, gloves to help them hold the old EVA waffle handles, ropes that were more like bungee cords, and Sharpie pens so they could right their passes on their arms.

The event was hilarious and a ton of fun. It's always a good time watching some of today's top pros rewind the clock, strap into a directional board, and try to ride behind an unweighted water ski boat. Look for the contest to be featured on an episode of Pull in the near future, as well as in an article in Alliance in the spring.