This past weekend the fourth and final stop of the Byerly Toe Jam Tour took place in and around the greater Orlando area. As always, the big "P" word comes out when Toe Jams take place, but "progression" took a back seat to "history" this year.

The weekend started off at the Projects with the rail park jam, which was much different than ever before because the water was so high because of tropical storms and hurricanes, that many of the rails were underwater. So more tech/street tricks were taken into consideration by the judges, rather than a heavy focus on rails. Friday featured the boat finals at the Projects, and then the pool jam at OWC that night. Hammers were dropped all day long at both events. Saturday was the final event — cable riding, which also featured some insane levels of wakeskating.

Some of the highlights of the entire weekend included Andrew Pastura's insane lines in the rail park (including a backside flip and huge inside-out 3's), Stu Shinn's insane lines behind the boat (including switch front bigs and toeside 3-shuvs), Ben Horan's frontside noseslide shuv out at the pool jam, Balzer's attempts at shuving onto the down rail at the pool jam (and paying the price several times), Reed Hansen's backside 180 out of the pool, Clint Tompkins' back lip 270 shuv out at the pool, Grubb's gigantic backside 3's off the kicker at OWC, and much more.

But in the end it wasn't about progression or one single insane performace. This year it was about consistency and making history. For only the second time ever in the history of the Byerly Toe Jam events, an athlete won all three main contests. In 2005 Brandon Thomas did it in the rail park, at the pool jam and behind the boat (before cable riding was added to the mix). This year, Reed Hansen did it in the rail park, behind the boat, and on the cable. Reed's dominance this past weekend also won him the overal Toe Jam title and a brand new Sea Doo Wake Edition. Not bad for a teenager. Clint Tompkins took home another pool jam title, defending his win from last year. It's hard to imagine how somebody so good still doesn't have a sponsor to his name… maybe that will change soon. Either way, him and Reed are both probably chilling on the lake following the crazy weekend and trying catch some big ol' bass.