Last week a few members of the Slingshot team headed out to Texas to meet up with a few members of what has become known as the Shredtown team. It was fun, but it was hotter than hell. I drank at least four gallons of Gatorade/water each day, it was insane. And I probably had to use the bathroom… eh, we'll just avoid that topic for now.

The Shredtown team is a group of bros from Athens, TX who love nothing more than hanging out and shredding together. Their blog and the videos they post of themselves riding have caused a little bit of a stir within the industry, so Jeff McKee decided he and some of the other Slingshot boys should go investigate.

 Team riders Jeff House, Rob Jacques and Nick Valliere all flew out to Texas (along with myself to capture the moments in digital form) to spend a week shredding with Shredtown. If you haven't heard of the Shredtown boys yet, well now you have, and if you think you're gonna forget about them pretty soon, well, you're not, 'cause this trip was off the wall bonkers and the boys are gonna blow up all over the World Wide Web and inside the pages of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine in a future issue.

We basically spent the week winching rad spots, doing some boat shredding, exploring parts of Austin, Dallas and Athens, and just having an all around kickass time. Everybody shredded as much as they could possibly handle, and the Shredtown bros definitely impressed the visiting pros with their serious skills and insane abilities to find winch spots.

Look for some videos on this site soon and for an article in the mag down the road.

For a quick video of what Shredtown is about, check out the video page of this site right here…