1. In-Tranist trip to Texas

I went out to texts with Josh Robison to get some winch footage for my section in his movie. We met up with Gabe for a few day which is always a good time. Then we went and kicked it with the Shredtown dudes. They took us to some crazy spots. I remember sitting out the back of their place on the deck and laughing for hours. They are some rad dude.  Thanks for the hospitality.

2. Company Catalog shoot.

About mid way through the season the Company crew got together to shoot the Catalog. We went to a blue man made lake in the middle of nowhere. The landscape was really different to anywhere I’d been. You will have to check the catalog to see what I mean. On the trip we built some rails that ended up being really fun. It was amazing to watch Randall ride in real life. It was the most inspired I have ever been from watching wakeboarding. I’ve seen his video parts and the tricks he does as big as he does them. (Mind blowing big). I always thought he would crash a lot to get he’s gnarly parts done but he pretty much went out and did a full section in one set. Ever trick huge. Defiantly riding that cant be matched.

3. Double flip progression.

Driving a Double up for Jeff Langley and watching him landing a mute double roll the revert. By far the most gangster thing I have ever seen on a wakeboard. There was only Myself and Andy Laz in the boat and there was no footage or photo’s taken of it. Bummer but it cinder made it event cooler.

4. Band Fat Freddy’s Drop

Seeing Fat Freddy’s Drop play in Melbourne with my mates. Up there with the best live band I’ve seen.

5.  The Projects

They had a quarter pip at the PJ’s for a little while. It was really cool to go out there and hit something completely different. I’d roll out there with Shane, Rossy and Clay mostly. Shane was boosting some huge backside air out of it. Pretty cool to see everyone hit something completely different and watch everyone try to work it out.  Thanks projects.