1.  I spent the first days of 2010 in the mountains snowboarding.  i was with family and friends, we had great weather, and we found these chronic tree runs with deep powder.  we stayed in those trees most of the time, and still couldnt get enough.  the mountains are a good place to get grounded and re-setteled.  i couldnt have started the year any better.  recharged and ready for action.

2.  This year i got to release my board “the VIBE” to the world, along with a global promo tour.  Having my own board is a dream come true.  I had never been so excited in the spring to get on a board ever.  and the first leg of the “2010 good vibes tour” started off in australia.  it was the absolute perfect place to launch the tour, lots of cable parks and good times!!

3.  In 2010 I also had the pleasure of working on a video project with Aron Reed, Danny Hampson, and the Obscura team called “washed up before we were has been.”  Even though i only helped to film, motivate, and haze the rookies with reed, i was truly honored to work on such a progressive project with phenomenal athletes and creative/aspiring artists like reed and danny. also, we had our own small premiere inside a friends killer art studio in downtown corpus christi, tx.  it was electric!!  small but powerful.

4.   Tom Fooshee won everything this year including Alliance “Rider of the Year”.  This year was a very special year for the good friend of mine.  Tom Fooshee who i call “the champ” won just about everything.  We live right down the street from each other and this year we traveled and rode a lot together. I was proud to see him get the recognition he deserves, and bringing the ROTY to texas.

5.  One of the biggest moments of 2010 for me was seeing my dad get honored into the University of Houston athletic Hall of Honor.  He played baseball for UH and was an All-American in 1967.  He also lead the team to the championship game of the college world series that same year, and was named to the all-tournament team.  My dads been killing it since way back!  He was inducted into the Hall of Honor along with a handful of great college, professional, and olympic athletes from UH.  I couldnt have been more pumped for him.