Top 5 Moments of 2010 with Olivier Derome
#5- Moving to Orlando:
I’ve been going to Florida for the past 4 years, but this 5th year was something different. I moved into Phils brand new house in Winderwere, just 15min away from Rathy’s where my brother Raph moved. Almost everyday we would go to a place or an other to ride together. Even though I broke my foot in April, I got to do some entertainment stuff with sime fun people the whole time!
#4- FISE, Montpellier, France:
Got to see some amazing stuff, met great people, had some eventfull night with everybody there, hope you remember… haha 3 french canadian on the loose in France for 10days…. Brother and I making finals, but Yan Tibo getting his diner bought by Phil was the icing on the cake!
#3- Wake the Line, Germany:
2nd trip of the year in Europe, 1st time in Germany with none other than my brother Raph! Not only did we travel and shared rooms together, we had to go head to head 1st round at this amazing event… After giving him, what I thought was a hard battle, not only did he come out victorious, but he went on to win the event!
#2- 1st Pro Tour Podium – Colorado Springs, Colorado:
My brother and I’s best tag team performance on Tour this season. Both placed 3rd, but most specially my first podium, didn’t fall ounce that week end. Bob Soven and I definitely both celebrated our firsts…
#1- Knoxville, Tenesse Pro Tour Stop:
Not only did I finish 3rd, but I did it on very little sleep. Met some great people and finished 5th on Tour overall. Too many things happened that week end to list them all..! (1h wait in  a cab at Mcdonalds, gin tonic shower, wrong way turns on one-ways) just to name a few…
2010 has been an interesting year. The economy is finally turning around, young guns are throwing down like never before and the legends are continually push the progression of Wake-whatever-ing. It’s been an awesome year for all of us at Alliance too, with our tenth birthday as the icing on the cake. To help us celebrate Alliance’s ten year anniversary, we asked the riders to share their top five moments of 2010 with us.