Slingshot is on a roll at Surf Expo and 2015 is looking promising as ever. Here are five of our favorite things from their booth…


1) Tony Logosz at the shaping contest…

This isn’t from the Slingshot booth, but it is Slingshot master shaper Tony Logosz hand shaping a wakesurf board at Surf Expo’s shaping competition. Cool.

2) The Blue Pill

This is the board Scott Stewart is going to ride for 2015, so you can probably guess what it’s good at: charging hard and going huge.


3) RAD Boots

The RAD boots are back and better than ever. And blue. We think they’ll look rad (pun fully intended) on the Blue Pill…


4) The Nomad series

Slingshot is betting more than a few casual riders are going to love their new Nomad series. The sizes are 150cm, 155cm, and 160cm. Basically they are huge compared to traditional wakeboards, but Slingshot has never been known for being traditional. Word has it the Jeffs on the team (House and McKee) love these boards as the surface area provides tons of pop and smooth landings – plus it allows riders to ride at slower speeds with less weight in the boat. So if you’re a fan who likes to get out and jump around, do some grabs, basic spins and inverts, the Nomad series might be worth looking into.


5) The Whip

Completely redesigned for 2015, the Whip is one of Slingshot’s most versatile boards. You can find Steffen Vollert charging cable parks on it or Dylan Miller getting boat and winch pulls with it.


6) T-Rex

Yep, we couldn’t stick with just five again… The T-Rex is a super fun wakesurfer for riders of all styles and abilities. The entire Alliance staff has ridden and thoroughly enjoyed this board.