Shane Bonifay Top Fives

Top 5 things about living in the Hood?
5. you can always find something going on
4. the cook out floatila lake parties.
3. clear lake is busy sometimes but i love it
2. i love my neighbors. ( not the immediate neighbors the ones down the road)
1. the hood is good, and its good to be home

Top 5 people to ride with?
5. the roommates clay fletcher and marv rossiter
4. jimmy larich
3. erik ruck
2. dan harf
1. parks bonifay

Top 5 places to eat in Orlando?
5. amora sushi
4. chick fli a
3. cecils bbq
2. lee and ricks
1. yellow dog eats

Top 5 benefits of being on MTV Cribs?
5. a whole bunch of people saw it, and they still play it on reruns. thats never a bad thing unless you like i did
4. i had my sunnys on the whole time and a massive goatee.. i looked funny
3. sean kingston made me and parks look normal or at least we didnt change our accents to Jamaican half way though
2. i got to show off my car, 62 Lincoln continental
1. it makes me that much closer to my childhood goal.. that being to one day be a rock star

Top 5 bands your listening to these days?
5.antoine dodson
4.ok go
3.the outkast channel on pandora
2. atmosphere
1. guns and roses.. i am reading slashes biography sorta goes with the book

Top 5 benefits having Marc Rossiter and Clay Fletcher as room mates?
5. they are some of the funnier people i know
4. one of them is always down to bring me to the airport… given they are not flying out also
3. we are doing a work out that clay deemed “master ninja strength training” we are level one and there is 372 levels
2. the cross between a redneck and a english man is priceless.
1. they amazing rail riders and it is making me push my self so much

Top 5 dream home improvements to 2612?
5. a hot tube
4. remodel living room and kitchen are next
3. i have a dock now but a better one
2. and we dont have a tv in the house, but still watch everything on my computer
1. ac doesnt work right now so that would be first but its starting to cool off so maybe not for a while

Top 5 places wakeboarding has taken you?
5. spain
4. lake powell
3. haiwii
2. phillipines
1. austrialia

Top 5 Pointless Crew video parts?
5.parks in 12 honkeys
4. danny harf in almost any part
3.rucks web video. welcome to the ronix team
2.parks doc

Top 5 Aussies in the hood?
5. tbc
4. the blue circle
3.crazy kalmen
2. taylor watkins daniles son
1. daniel watkins

Top 5 180 grab variations behind the boat?
5.s fs 180 mute or melon
4. 3-2-1.. i have seen bob do it.. a 360 stop then go back to 180. kinda werid but crazy
3.sw ts bs 180.. i cant do it good but if you ever see one.. know how hard it is
2. method hs bs 180
1. ts bs 180 melon or tail