Choosing five possessions for someone like Collin Harrington is tough, the guy not only wakeboards but he surfs, he jams on guitar, he films, he edits, he parachutes, he loves coffee and he lives a Aloha lifestyle. Check out Collin’s six top possessions.

#5 Collin’s Editing Room- I usually spend a couple hours a day on the computer. Sometimes spending 12-14 hours here editing stuff for Liquid Force films.

#4 Collin’s Guitar Shrine- I love guitars, started playing when I was 18. I love music and making music with my friends. The I call the red one the pink pearl first guitar I ever bought. The fender acoustic is my mom’s that she gave me. The electric epiphone I stole from Park’s house and he hasn’t asked for it back yet.  The black guitar is actually Shane’s that I took since he doesn’t play it.

#4 Collin’s Cameras- I use my cameras almost everyday and I am constantly filming for Liquid Force films. Love taking my gopros everywhere I go.

#3 Collin’s Surfboard Quiver- The surfboards are made by my shaper in St.Augustine, Black Pearl Creations. I basically have boards for all types of different waves.

#2 Collin’s Coffee Shop- I never used to drink coffee and in the past couple years I have become addicted. Sometimes I go to bed early so I can wake up early and drink coffee.

#1 Collin’s Parachute- I have made around 55 jumps and 20 with this parachute alone. Its never let me down yet, when in doubt pull it out.