All Photography courtesy of Jason Lee

Alexa Score has been working overtime lately climbing the rungs of the women’s wakeboarding ladder. She has diversified her resume to include cable riding, boat riding, and has also landed a spot on MTV’s new hit show “Wake Brothers.” Hailing from Minnesota, this gal knows how to keep it real both on and off the water. Get to know her in Top Fives…


Top five places you shop in Orlando:

1. Ace Hardware

2. Gander Mountain

3. Super Target

4. Goodwill

5. Auberndale Flea Market (it’s close enough)


Favorite things to do back home in Minnesota:

1. Pontooooon

2. Ice fish

3. Watch hockey

4. Drink Busch Light, on tap

5. Spend time with my family


Advantages to dating red head:

1. Sympathy

2. I’m pretty sure I can count it as charity / volunteer hours on my resume

3. We ALWAYS having sunscreen

4. What I like to call, the “Shaun White” discount

5. Knowing the answer to the question everyone is asking…”Does the    carpet match the drapes?”



Favorite wakeboarders to watch ride:

1. Ben Greenwood

2. Jeff Langley

3. all 12 Honkeys

4. Chris O’Shea

5. Raph Derome


Songs to listen to before a night out on the town:

1. Anything on the Huey Lewis ‘Sports’ album

2. Earth Wind and Fire – “September”

3. Will Smith – “Miami”

4. David Lee Roth – “Runnin’ With the Devil” (vocals only)

5. Bob Segar – “Night Moves”


Things to pack for a wakeboarding trip:

1. Foam roller

2. Hawaiian shirt

3. Moonshine

4. Dice / cards

5. Fishing pole



TV shows you watch:

1. Seinfeld

2. Sportscenter

3. Out-dated YouTube music videos

4. 105.9 fm

5. John Wayne western movies


Crashes you’ve taken in wakeboarding:

1. 1st invert attempt

2. 2nd invert attempt

3. 3rd invert attempt

4. 4th Invert attempt

5. 5th invert attempt


Top five reasons you picked Bob to date as opposed to Phil:

1. As it turns out, Bob has a soul

2. See: “Advantage to dating a red head”

3. I have a frog allergy

4. I think one of Phil’s sponsors already bought him a significant other…

5. Cause Bob’s my best friend!


Wakeboard baby names:

1. Charlotte-Sunday

2. Brass

3. Triumph

4. Orlando

5. Newt