top 5 boy bands
5. New Kids on the Block
4. Boy2Men
3. Jonas Brothers (they are gay, but aren’t all boy bands?)
2. Backstreet Boys
1. Hanson (Not Trevor and Reed)

top 5 gingers in the history of the world

5. Conan O’brien
4. Shaun White
3. The kid at 7-11 for the I.D. sign
2. Steve Mckinley, First Wakeboarding Ginger to get a Cover
1.  Anyone but Carrot Top, prop comedy is not funny

top 5 things about being a ginger
5. Being constantly ridiculed
4. Having a bag of negative nicknames that even Phillip could come up with
3. I have positively helped many ginger kids, letting them know even though they are a ginger they can still be successful in life.
2.My head never gets cold, because it’s always on fire.
1. I am the tannest ginger in the world, so I have mad trash talking rights.

top 5 things about double flips

Personal question here, double flips are not an altercation of reality but the reality of matter altering, as your body begins to rotate in a vortex also known as an “invert” the mind and soul become intertwined allowing not only for the heart to see clearly but for the brain to think wisely, thats why any double flips that have been named have the best names ever. And all Double Flips done now a day are just a tribute to Parks Bonifay the greatest double flipper to ever double flip, while double flipping he double flips.

top 5 things about barefooting

5. The fresh air in your face as you take whips at over 100 mph
4. The burning sensation similar to an Icy hot feeling but without the relief.
3. A two ski bomb out, for that split second the body is weightless.
2. Tumble turns, especially in my mom’s jean shorts.
1. Shawn Watson, 2 time defending Feet on Fire Champion, honestly who does that!

top 5 things about being Phil’s little brother

5.    To set things straight, I am older in maturity and life experience
4.    He usually consumes 75 percent of my parents yelling capability, Jason gets 2 percent so on average I only have to withstand 23 percent of getting yelled at.
3.    He reads a story to me every night before I go to bed.
2.    I am getting a sweet place to live after high school.
1.    a lot of people think I’m funny, just because I’m not him

top 5 things about helping pro riders put together a contest pass

5. I’m looked upon as a father figure, always good to feel important
4. Just because I can put together a wakeboard pass they all think I’m exuberantly educated.
3. I’m going pro next year, so I hope they don’t realize that I’m competing against them and still ask for help.
2. I make 10% of the winnings of whom ever I helped.
1.  I’ve never been paid but Shane gave me a couple chicken nuggets one time to start paying away his tab.

top 5 people to follow on twitter

5.    Parks Bonifay (Icon) not for the sport but for an Icon for people that are cool
4.   Shane Bonifay, there is a reason he is number 2 behind his brother in the wakeboard twitter standings, (he never twats), overall good tweeter.
3.    Dwight Howard, Magic 2010 NBA Champions!
2.    JeffreyMckee, I owe him one for the amazing article we made.
1.    Danny Harf, although he only tweeted once, it’s a fact that he only mega tweets, so next time you see an update from Danny Harf it will shake the world……..of wakeboard.

top 5 wakeboarders

1.    Parks Bonifay

top 5 wakeboarder blogs

5. Derek Grassman
4. Shane Bonifay
3. Trevor Hansen
2. Chad Sharpe
1. Spencer Smith (Big Spence)