Jeff Langley, “the southern gentleman,” is on the up and up this year recently signing with Obrien. Jeff is currently residing in Orlando, FL in the hood at Jimmy Lariche’s house (rent free?).  Some people call him “Bruce” and others call him “Bill,” but I like to just slur his name into “Lannngullley.” Whatever you call him keep an eye on this guy because he’s got some big moves up his sleeve for this year.

Top 5 places Carl (Jimmy’s dog) has ran away too?
1. Winter park
2. Interstate 4
3. 1st Baptist
4. Lake canals
5. Neighbor’s house

Top 5 favorite tricks?
1. The wheelie. (my recent invention)
2. Anything backside off-axis. Heel off back 5 probably
3. Love the Pete Rose!
4. Ginormous backside 180’s
5. And a good’ol toeside front flip.

Top 5 things about working at a snowboard shop in Orlando, FL?
1. Carpooling to work since most of my managers live in the hood.
2. It doesn’t really matter if you are late.
3. Telling people we snowboard in Mt. Dora after they ask where to snowboard around here.
4. Occasionally have a beer or 3 while selling boards to our customers.
5. I get to bring Carl to work!

Top 5 people to ride with in the hood?
1. Ruck
2. Jim
3. Adam
4. Shane
5. Clay

Top 5 benefits of having a southern accent?
1. The ladies love it.
2. The ladies love it.
3. The ladies love it.
4. The ladies love it.
5. Gaaahhhhh!

Top 5 bonuses of living with Jimmy Lariche?
1. Always a chance to boost my ego, wether it’s darts or ping pong.
2. Adam brings over lots of nike 6.0’s.
3. Having enough Fox gear for 5 people.
4. Letting Carl run me around the neighborhood on a skateboard at 20mph. Sooo fun!
5. I never pay rent.

Top 5 places to eat around the hood?
1. Yellow Dog Eats. It’s the best!
2. BJ’s Brewhouse.
3. Chick-fil-a.
4. Reeder’s house. Smokey Sunday’s.
5. Ruck’s house.

Top 5 things about knowing Cobe Mikacich?
1. Cable pass.
2. Boat lessons.
3. Fishing lessons.
4. Hooked me up with O’brien.
5. Having a damn good time.

Top 5 things you miss about Daniel Watkins moving back to Australia after being your neighbor?
1. Having crappy neighbors now.
2. Spaghetti.
3. Taylor (his son).
4. Grilling out on the partytoon.
5. Letting Carl take a dump in his garden.

Top 5 favorite soccer teams?
Ahhh… ?
1. Orlando Magic
2. Atlanta Hawks
3. U.S.A
4. Arsenal?
5. Brazil?

Top 5 tv channels?
1. Sportscenter.
2. NBA league pass.
3. HBO.
4. Discovery channel.
5. The weather channel.