Top 5 things you miss or don’t miss about being in high school?

5. Miss friends from high school

4. Miss living closer to the fam and Steph

3. Don’t miss having school everyday

2. Don’t miss all the homework

1. Miss harrasing my teachers

Top 5 favorite flavors of ice cream?

5. Cookies

4. And

3. Cream

2. Ice

1. Cream

Top 5 things about having Chip Lafferty as your dad?

5. Super supportive

4. Teaching me the business side of life

3. Naming me Steel

2. Being able to make funny puns out of his name

1. Just like a big kid

Top 5 tricks behind the boat?

5. Wake to wake 1080

4. Backside 1080

3. Toe back 9

2. Toe back 7 wake to wake

1. Pete 5

Top 5 favorite or dream places to ride?

5. Clermont

4. My lake back home

3. Amelia Earhart lake in South Miami

2. The Delta

1. Pandora

Top 5 things about living with Kevin Henshaw and Silas Thurman?

5. I feel like I get a little bit more wittier and dumber everyday…

4. I’m learning the ways of life off the water to become a legend

3. I am also learning that Kevin will buy a ladder that’s holds triple his weight for $100 more

2. I am also learning that Kevin will buy an iPod player for $50 more if the iPod spins in a circle while playing

1. So in conclusion I have learned that buying the most expensive thing is not always the best thing!

Top 5 songs your listening too these days?

5. Justin Bieber “Baby”

4. Justin Bieber “Smile”

3. Macy Gray “I try”

2. No Hands

1. And vibe tribe

Top 5 places to eat in Clermont?

5. Kevin’s house, cause Ashley cooks

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

3. Dairy Queen

2. Crispers

1. Chipotle

Top 5 things to do when you’re not wakeboarding?

5. Golf

4. Work as an under cover spy for the government

3. Use really cool power tools

2. Watch Kevin do yard work

1. Drive around Silas’s scooter

Top 5 moments landing and winning trick of the year?

5. Landing the toe back 9 with parks, Rusty, Spence, Kilgus and Rattray all in the boat with me… Also having Danny Harf there for landing the first ever backside 1080 and Randall and the crew on the dock!

4. Being able to have such a perfect wake behind the MasterCraft to be able to do the tricks

3. Hearing my Name being called for winning trick of the year

2. Having Parks trade his watch out with the Oakley watch with out me knowing so I got super depressed when I opened it haha !

1. Leaving my foot print in wakeboarding’s history forever

Top 5 things you would like to do in the future with wakeboarding?

5. Grow the sport in the right direction so it is as big as it deserves to be

4. Land tricks that have never been even thought about

3. Be the best rider I can be…

2. On the water and off the water

1. Take Wakeboarding to places never even thought about!