Trever as seen in Trever Maur Lately from fall 2011. Look out for tons of sick riding videos from Trever in the near future.


Most stylish wakeboarding tricks:

1. Anything smooth.

2. Anything Wrapped.

3. Anything you can grab for days.

4. Benny G’s ts wrapped back 3.

5. Mike Schwenne’s signature tucked knee. That one inspired me for sure.


Celebrities you’ve been mistaken for:

1. George of the jungle – My car got totaled parked on the street in the middle of the night and I was running down the road see what the hell was going on wearing nothing but shorts and all my neighbor could say of the incident was that he “saw george of the jungle running down the street.”

2. Auto Rocket from the cartoon rocket power.

3. Patrick Swayze from point break? Same hair at least…

4. Borat when I let the eyebrows grow out.

5. Spicoli.


Favorite pro riders:

1. Josh Twelker.

2. Derek Cook.

3. Benny G.

4. Chris O’Shea.

5. Mike Schwenne.


Musical Artists you’ve been rocking lately:

1. Foster the People.

2. M83.

3. The Naked and Famous.

4. Revolution – It’s reggae.

5. Any Pandora rap station.


Things to pack for a trip out of state:

1. Camera for sure. With a tripod.

2. Definitely no underwear or deoderant. Sharpies are good.

3. Boardshorts.

4. Coffee, all the time anywhere and everywhere.

5. Cash.


Sweets to grab at the convenience store:

1. Butter toffee peanuts.

2. Ice cream cookies – must have.

3. A gallon of ice cream, used to rock a pint a night, but I’m lactose intolerant so I had to slow that down now that I live with my fiance.

4. Snickers Ice cream…can you tell I like ice cream?

5. Eggs. It’s a weird place to buy them but you gotta have eggs.


Pet Peeves:

1. Telling me that I am annoying.

2. When people make plans then bail.

3. When the pump tells me to see the clerk and then we have to bust out calculators to decide how muck $$ it will cost to “fill er up.”

4. Driving my dirt bike at night because the lights are broken. It’s currently my sole form of transportation. It also has a trailer for my board and gas cans that is zip tied to the back.


  M-P-G-s for D-A-Y-s.


5. I always double the tax which equals the tip and now everyone is telling me that’s not enough.


Advantages to living on the West Coast:

1. The delta. It’s sick.

2. No humidity so I can breathe freely.

3. The people I get to ride with on a regular basis aka “The Delta Force.”

4. You can tell which direction you are heading because we have visual landmarks like mountains.

5. Snow, surf, and wake are all within an hours drive.


Possessions you’d save if your house caught on fire:

1. The big (well sometimes big) jar of cash I keep.

2. My phone charger. Cant live without that.

3. The miscellaneous “junk” drawer that we all have. There’s always a gem or two in there.

4. My soon to be wife.

5. The one day old bird that just fell off the roof and we are now parenting.


Television Shows you watch:

1. Tosh.O.

2. American Idol.

3. Criminal minds. There’s been marathons happening in the past few weeks out here.

4. Sons of Anarchy – to keep my street cred up.

5. This is embarrassed to say it, but Snooki’s my homegirl. GTLW.