Top 5 things about being Australian?

5. I’m not American
4. people love the accent
3. get to ride kangaroos to school
2. get to live the endless summer
1. I get to ride all year round

Top 5 foods that are better then Vegemite?

5. everything

Top 5 things about being friends with Bob Soven?

5. He is always up to do something crazy and adventurous
4. Has a diving board at his house
3. Pushes me a lot when we ride together
2. Fun to wakeboard with
1. I look good when I hang around with him because he has red hair

Top 5 Places to ride in the world?

5. Williams River
4. Lake Holden
3. Lake Powell
2. pretty much anywhere in New Zealand
1. Summerset dam

Top 5 Songs your listening to right now?

5. Awesome by the Cool Kids
4. Retreat by Datsik
3. Right Hand Hi Kid Sister
2. the Inspector Gadget song
1. Loose by Bang Bang

Top 5 backside spin tricks behind the boat?

5. 1080
4. 1260
3. 1440
2. 1620
1. 1800

Top 5 things about never experiencing winter?

5. Don’t have to wear a wetsuit
4. Never have to have the heater on in the house
3. Don’t have to worry about getting attacked by penguins while I ride
2. Never get cold
1. When I go to the beach I don’t have to watch weirdo’s surf in a dry suit, to me that is just so strange

Top 5 things you wish America had that Australia does?

5. Australian people
4. good beaches
3. good fish and chips
2. Australia
1. Cadbury chocolate!

Top 5 people who knew you landed a 1080 first?

5. twitter, Adam Errington’s account
4. Lachlan Burgess
3. Victoria O’day
2. Sam Thomson
1. Adam Errington

Top 5 things about being 16 and having your own house?

5. Don’t have to worry about parents telling me to clean up my mess every 5 seconds
4. I have the master bedroom, and I have a California king bed
3. have as many friends as I want over when I want
2. I got to buy all the furniture that I wanted
1. can come and go from the house whenever I please