1. Walking the dog. Instead of having your average dog leash handle you could substitute the original handle for a cooler rope handle.  If you have a big enough dog, you could practice handle passes while you run behind him.

2. A hanger for wet vests/shorts/shoes. That's not really funny, but it seems pretty useful.

3. Triangle for pool. To rack pool balls because you thought you lost your handle and had to use the original rack so you could ride. Of course it broke, but that v flip while clutching a rack is something your friends will talk about for years to come.

4. Create the new hit sport called body sliding.  The handle gets tied to an ATV.  A rider must get greased up and then gets pulled behind the ATV.  The grease allows the slider to do all kinds of tricks.  It’s going to be on ESPN de Ocho next Fall.

5. Hoop for puppies or kitties to jump through. 

6. Use it to lasso beers that are a little out of your reach. (This one may take some practice to perfect.)

7. Hand towel rack for the ultimate wake bathroom.

8.  Use it as a stencil for when ever you need to make actual sized pictures of handles.

9. Donate it to the Museum of 'Sorry your Warranty Does Not Cover THAT Damage' along side the hall of waterlogged cameras and the exhibit of 'Thanks for running over my glasses'

10. Put it in your jeans when you go to the bar…. great way to meet the ladies. "Is that a throbbing fifteen inch wakeskate handle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"  This idea is cheap, effective, and works a hell of a lot better than a lasso at getting girls.  You will probably be swarmed by so many beautiful women that you wont even be able to beat them off of you with your old handle.

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