New Braunfels, TX – The fifth annual Cablestock is over, and the anticipation for number six is already here. The 10,000 spectators that came out during the three day event were treated to the best riding ever at TSR. Not to mention a pretty good bikini contest and the best beach party so far this year!

Sunday kicked off with the first stop of the inaugural WWA Wake Park series presented by 1080. After four rounds of eliminating riders, the head-2-head final pitted two TSR riders against each other. Tom Fooshee, winner of the past two Cablestock cable wakeboard competitions, was riding against 2005 World Games champion, Josh Rice. Both riders proved to be the most versatile, killing it both on the structures as well as tricks in the flats. Tom, who also won the structure only comp, edged out Josh in what was the most talented riding I have ever seen on any cable. Both will sit on top of the overall series standings after defending home court in stop number one.

John Ruark upset Bret Little at his home site in the much anticipated cable wakeskate division. Bret and John are by far the most talented wakeskaters at TSR and OWC respectively and will be battling it out all season long. The two will likely face off again in the Phillipines this weekend and again at the second stop of the Byerly Toe Jam held at TSR in June.

During a break in the action on Saturday afternoon, the women’s cable champ, Heather Johnson, and the women’s boat champion Amber Wing, entered the always famous TSR bikini competition. They were just two of many beautiful girls who helped motivate all of the athletes to ride a little better all weekend long.

The wakeskate competition on the boat lake saw three riders qualify on Saturdday: Ross Gardner, Oury Yarborough & Ben Kiser, to meet up with three protected riders: Aaron Reed, Brandon Thomas and Clint Tompkins for a six man final. Ross was the only rider to successfully slide the A-Frame, but Brandon Thomas and Aaron Reed were able to finish first and second because of their strong runs behind the MasterCraft X-Star.

The boat competition had just as much suspense as the finals on the cable. Just one year ago, Jeff Weatherall handed Andrew Adkison his first and only loss in over 25 head to head match-ups since TSR reinvented the format back in 2003. The two would have to face some difficult competition to make it to the finals to square off. While current world champion Andrew Adkison made it look almost to easy, it took almost everything Jeff had to beat cable champion Tom Fooshee in the semi finals. The matchup was set and it lived up to the expectations. Andrew regained his title and was congratulated first by Jeff Weatherall. As always at Cablestock and TSR the atmosphere was laid back and all of the competitors rode better because of it. The pressure was off as everyone was joking around and having fun all weekend. It was sad to see it end, but as I mentioned earlier everyone who attended and competed is already looking forward to 2008!

A big shout out to all of those who attended and supported Cablestock! TSR could not have put on such a quality event without the support of: MasterCraft, Nike 6.0, Liquid Force, Helium, Reef, Wakeboarding Mag, WWA, 1080, WetSounds, Anarchy, Nixon, Swami Studios,, & For more information please log onto

Pro Boat
1. Andrew Adkison
2. Jeff Weatherall
3. Tom Fooshee
4. Jimmy Lariche
5T. Gabe Lucas
5T. Mitch Bergsma
5T. Joey Bradley
5T. Ryan Anderson

Pro Wakeskate Boat
1. Brandon Thomas
2. Aaron Reed
3. Ross Gardner
4. Ben Kiser

Junior Men Boat
1. Taylor Knight
2. Witt Finley
3. 3. JB Oneill
4. Cole Shaver

Womens Boat
1. Amber Wing
2. Holland Finley
3. Tina Spalten

Structure Comp on Cable
1. Tom Fooshee 100
2. Jimmy Lariceh 58.3
3. Gabe Lucas 50
4. Kyle Reed 49.5

Pro Cable
1. Tom Fooshe
2. Josh Rice
3. Marc Shuster

Wakeskate Cable
1. John Ruark
2. Bret Little
3. Ben Kiser

Women Cable
1. Heather Johnson
2. Louise Sawyer
3. Holland Finley