I like shooting from the tube. Personally, I think it's one of the coolest angles to photograph the sport from and can provide some of the most unique pictures because of the ability to use a variety of wider lenses, a flash, and other things you couldn't otherwise shoot wakeboarding or wakeskating with.

But shooting from the tube isn't always easy, especially when you're behind the rider and get sprayed every time he/she jumps the wake. I went out with Benny G. and Danny Harf the other day to do some tube shooting and it seemed like every time either of them was jumping, I was just getting a pummeled with parts of Lake Minnehaha. A lot of shots had spray, some shots had body parts cut off, others weren't quite sharp enough. I guess I'm just out of practice. But I figured I'd give you a look at some tube outtakes, just to show you that for every tube shot run in a magazine, there are most likely dozens more that never make the cut.

Maybe next time I'll have some better results (although, I think I got one or two shots of each guy that might make it to the mag one of these days).