Last night I was invited by Red Bull and the guys from Fiction to a "top secret" event at the top of a parking garage in dowtown Orlando. I wasn't given any details about anything, just the fact that I couldn't eat or drink anything for an hour before the meeting was to start.

So I rolled into the parking garage to find a handful of riders and wakeboarding media members standing around, all wondering what the hell they were there for. Several minutes later an unmarked white van pulled up and out hopped a dude and two smoking hot assistants, all wearing white lab coats. The head doctor dude informed the riders that they'd been invited to participate in Red Bull's upcoming event, Wake Lab, and that they'd have to have their mouths swabbed for saliva samples to participate. It didn't make much sense, but it was pretty funny.

After the assistants took swabs from everybody, a docket was handed out with some of the details of Wake Lab, including a sketch of the course. I can't let out too much info here, but let's just say this event, which will take place right after Surf Expo, is going to blow people's minds.

So once again, Red Bull has managed to do something totally insane and original in the sport of wakeboarding, while getting hot assistants involved and keeping the riders and media guessing. Stay tuned for more info.