Millington, MI
A devotid wakeskates creation.

Devotid Wakeskates, A local Saginaw water sports manufacturer has teamed up with Baja MX Park in Millington, MI to create Michigan’s first permanent Winching Park. Using winch towing systems, riders will be able to skate through the entire park and across street-style inspired obstacles. The new venue will be situated in the middle of one of the Midwest’s Premiere Moto-cross racing facilities. The New Water sports venue will feature a permanent 100′ x 40′ wide elevated start pool along side a 1.5 acre pond. The park will feature an array of unique and progressive obstacles that will test any level riders skill and provide the ultimate in spectator enjoyment.

Through its developement by passionate wakeskaters and indie film makers, the art of winching now reaches into many more private, hard to reach areas for its ultimate sought after “spots”, with this new venue we plan to bring that excitement to a healthy, safe and progressive environment.

Camping onsite is available with pit passes or hotels are about 6 miles down the road.  There will be plenty to do with the devotid Wakeskates Friday Night After Party in Old Town Saginaw and Live Music on Saturday night.  Go to www.devotid.com for more details.

Grand Opening Event 8th Annual Baja Brawl

Now in its eighth year of epitomizing summer fun , the Baja Brawl is one of the most popular motocross events in the midwest. Originally established as a simple Labor Day weekend of motocross racing , the Baja Brawl has evolved into much more with 3 days of knock down , drag out racing; outdoor festival activities; and entertaining nightlife. Furthermore, in the last two years of this transformation (and despite a rocky economy), the Baja Brawl has more than doubled their spectator attendance from just over 2000 people in 2007, to 4400 in 2008! Whether you are a serious motocrosser racing for fame and fortune or just someone looking for a weekend of family outdoor fun, you’re sure to find it at the 8th annual Baja Brawl & UNION Park Opener.

From the time the ribbon is cut on Friday morning’s UNION Wakesports Park opening ceremonies until the last sun burned spectator trickles home on Monday evening, spectators and athletes alike will be treated to four days of fun and entertainment. In fact, aside from watching national caliber racers attack the grueling Baja Motocross Track, spectators will have a variety of interactive track and vendor activities to watch and participate in all weekend long. Devotid will have public hours designated for a ride through the new Union Wake Sports Park as well as a 200’ down hill slip and slide. So bring your blu-blockers and swim trunks!

Facility Overview

For an outdoor motocross track and entertainment facility, Baja MX is top-notch when compared to similar outdoor venues and motocross tracks. Not only is it easy to find (follow one road from the highway and you’re there!) but it also has a customer and sponsor friendly infrastructure, designed to take full advantage of the 80 acres of beautiful grass covered meandering hills and spring fed ponds. More over, Baja MX has evolved its reputation as an active and fun environment with a great music and quality, seamless announcing from professional voiceover, and multiple personality extraordinaire, Peter “The Great” Daoust.

UNION Wakesports Park

A newly constructed permanent water sports “skate park” designed with specially built, gas powered rope-tow systems and (water skimming skateboards) wakeskates. The park was designed with the spectators view in mind and for hosting progressive wake events. It features unique skate style inspired obstacles brought to life by local and national supporting companies. The venue is complete with elavated VIP winch Operator Areas and Lazy Boy accommodations for the drivers (hardest job gets the best seat and treatment) 3 story elevated announcing scaffolding area, 10 zillion megawatt stereo and announcing PA system to keep the crowds up to date with the history unfolding in front of them.

For more info: www.devotid.com or download a pdf here.