Pool, pond…pond would be good for you. This Sunday the 17th the Green House Rideshop in will host one of the sickest contests of the season. Titled the Black Top Oasis, this urban water dance will be going down in their parking lot for all the local kids to check out. Basically the set up is an elevated pond with three optional down rails into a main pool.

Somebody must think this deal is pretty rad because all the major sponsors are attending and they’ll have tents to show off all the goods. Count on a few of the tour busses to be lurking at the event too and after the show all of the busses will be drag racing. Oh yea, Alliance will be there of course. We’ll be there to capture the whole mess for the mag and video.

So girls get your trucker hat Sunday best on and meet us at the Green House Rideshop. Chances are you can be the chick in the crowd with the only pink hat on. The contest will begin at 6:00pm on the 17th.