Since 1996 vert has been doing the same thing…. producing real shit, from entertainment to clothing.
Since the early beginning back in ‘96, VERT has been producing fresh concepts from many aspects, focusing on the culture and lifestyle of the youth and progressive ideas that follow. The evolution and growth of our loved interests and street knowledge have generated opportunities to make an impact on the youth through our passion. From the first t-shirts out of the kitchen oven, VERT has continued to design and coordinate appealing creations for our markets.
In early 1997 the first outsourced clothing orders were sent out to production after months of test prints with home-made equipment. The clothing was taken to skateparks all over the midwest and sold piece by piece. After selling lots of the new clothing, money was generated to buy equipment. The new equipment allowed our clothing to be produced by us, opening a new world of possibilities and opportunities with the development of our clothing. Running production in-house has allowed us the control of quality, and ensured VERT is always staying fresh from many realms.
After developing the clothing line for four years VERT Entertainment created the "VERT Sports and Music Fest." VERT Fest was used to help promote the clothing line while bringing together all of the interests that form VERT. With 10 months of development the VERT Sports and Music Fest went down on June 30th., 2001 and generated a platform for VERT's growth throughout the next five years. The all-day event featured 10 bands including Small Brown Bike, Thursday, Rise Against, Good Riddence, Rahzel, and Souls of Mischief, as well as indoor skate and bmx dirt exhibitions. The metal mulisha even rolled out for a free-style moto demo.
In the summer of 02 VERT Entertainment teamed up with DUB Magazine to organize the VERT Ent. Skate Comp at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago, IL. The contest helped bring in some corporate money to the local skaters and created a free day of lots of real happenin shit.
For 03 VERT brought together all the resources and created the "VERT Down 4 Ours Tour." The purpose was to set out across north america and take in as much culture as possible while expanding the vision. The tour traveled over 10k miles across north america hiting up events, contests, festivals and skateparks. The tour expanded the VERT family and introduced thousands of new people to the crazy projects constantly in the works with VERT.
In the mix of these events VERT has been promoting hip-hop shows and getting involved in fashion and art shows across the USA. Look out for the first VERT denim coming this holiday season as well as a full womens line.
Thanks to everyone who has helped support and watch VERT grow……………………….
plant your seeds………………….