Keatons 18 years young, hailing from the interior of British Columbia Canada, in a small town called Winfield between Vernon an Kelowna, part of the predecessor crew led by Steve Mckinley and Kevin Henshaw known as the OGC (Oyama Ghetto Children, or now better known as the #OkanaganF**kBoyz). Keaton spends his time boarding all summer long, and a few of the winter months in warmer climate, when not freezing his ass off in the middle of nowhere rigging cables, moving buildings, machinery, and heavy equipment in oil field towns to pay the bills. He’s got more hair than a lions mane, a unique style, and a different way of doing things. Painting and slammin’ cars, skating, and skiing pow lines can also be added to things done by Keaton. If you haven’t seen him board before, you better keep your eyes peeled.

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