This is the story of Owen Pick, an ex front line solider in the British Army. He served for 4 years and then the unexpected happened….

Owen was in the 1st Royal Anglian Regiment and his role was a Light Machine Gunner on the front line. He was deployed to Afghanistan at 18 years old.

“It was actually our day off to get some rest, sleep and eat some half decent food. We all woke up thinking that’s what it would be. We could hear gunshots in the distance which wasn’t uncommon so thought nothing of it. Then we all got the order to grab our gear because we had a platoon pinned down and they needed our help. Our orders were to go out and draw some fire from the boys to give them a chance to deal with the situation they had going on. We did this quickly and not long after leaving the base we were under contact (being shot at). We were then pinned down in a ditch and because we couldn’t see where we were being shot at from, it made it harder to move positions because we couldn’t put fire on the enemy to cover our movements. A few hours went by and we had pin pointed where the shots were coming from. We got the order to go and assault and clear the building. I was in the team that was chosen to carry out the assault, we crawled up under fire and once we got to the building we all got against the wall and waited for a gap in the shot to start the assault. As I stepped through the door I just remember a huge explosion and a white flash, then I woke up two days later in Birmingham hospital back in the UK. The boys then told me three months later when they got back from the tour that I was blown 10ft in the air and 15ft away from the explosion. Pretty scary stuff hearing them tell me the story of what happened.” Owen Pick

Owen now rides and coaches fellow wakeboarders!

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Produced, filmed and edited by Louis James-Parker
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