Wafflehouse is a film following three distinct personalities and their experiences in the world of wakeboarding.

Join Aaron Gunn, Mitch Langfield, Lior Sofor at their home spots and beyond as they and their friends travel the world in search of new spots, new tricks and good times, and gain insight into their lives and their thoughts on wakeboarding and beyond along the way.

Featuring Mitch Langfield, Aaron Gunn, Lior Sofor, Sophie Hogben, Chris O’Shea, Mark ‘Turtle’ McNamara, Efi and Moti Levi, Nick Davies and San Im, with guest appearances from Lukey Boor, Matty Hasler, Keith Lidberg and Oli Derome.

Filmed at lakes and locations the world over, including Australia, Germany, UK, France, Thailand and Israel, all in jazzy HD.

To buy or rent Wafflehouse go to vimeo.com/ondemand/wafflehouse
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