After Saturday’s insane levels of competition at the final stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Nautique, most people probably thought the finals would be a little bit of a letdown. Most people were wrong. The final rounds of action were even more intense on Sunday and the crowds were treated to some of the best riding ever seen in Wake Park Triple Crown history.


The G23 was on hand all weekend for the insane action at OWC

The results of the final rounds of the WPTC also played a big role in the National Points Chase. With a solid finish from riders like Aaron Perkins, Nick Kamper, and Tracy Baynham, OWC held on to defend its overall NPC title, edging out Texas Ski Ranch.


OWC defends its National Points Chase team title

Throughout the weekend the Orlando Watersports Complex played the perfect host for the progressive riding as riders from every division stepped their game up in an attempt to bring home a title. Going into the weekend Tom Fooshee was the favorite to win his fourth straight overall title and he made sure not to let the opportunity slip away. Tom mixed in his signature blend of tech and style on the rails and air tricks to take both the top spot on the podium for the weekend and the overall Triple Crown title.


Tom Fooshee is now the four-time defending Wake Park Triple Crown overall champ. There is a reason he’s called The King.


Always popular with the fans

On the women’s side of Pro Cable division it was an international affair across the board. German export Cosima Giemza took the top spot, followed by South Africa’s Angelika Schreiber and Courtney Angus of Australia. In the features only division both Schreiber and Angus repeated their podium spots with another second and third, respectively. This time first place went to OWC’s own Tracy Baynham, whose hard work at the park paid off in the end with her first win of the year.


Angelika Schreiber is a force to be reckoned with in the world of women’s park riding


Tracy Baynham on her way to her first WPTC victory


Aaron Reed is living proof that the old dogs can still hang with the young bucks

The wakeskating division got a mix of Texas flair and Thai insanity on the podium. The unbelievable Daniel Grant once again proved he can’t be touched when it comes to wakeskating at a cable park, but he was happily joined on the podium by his mustachioed Obscura boss and Texas transplant Aaron Reed. Taking home the third spot was another Texan cable shredder Bret Little.


When it comes to wakeskating at a cable park, Daniel Grant can’t be stopped


Bob Soven putting his work in

The highlight of the weekend though was the Pro Men’s Features final. Normally fans would expect to see riders like Tom Fooshee, Daniel Grant, and James Windsor in the final, but this weekend brought out some new names and made for one of the most unique and jaw-dropping rounds of park riding ever seen. Bob Soven, Oli Derome, Graeme Burress, and Austin Pratt battled it out in the eight-minute jam session format and put on an amazing show. Huge double flips and grabbed 900’s were mixed in with creative and tech rail hits. Hometown hero Pratt might have stole the show with his huge airs and ultra unique riding on the pool gap, but in the end it was the one and only Bob Soven taking the top spot, his second Wake Park title of the year. Derome just edged out Pratt by 0.6 of a point for second.


Graeme Burress’ signature style helped him make it all the way to the final four. His showing throughout the year also netted him 2nd Place Overall in the Pro Men’s Features division for the year


Jimmy LaRiche continued his trend of going huge at the WPTC events. He just missed making the final, but his strong showing at the final stop helped him secure 3rd Place Overall in the Pro Men’s Features division


Oli Derome doubling his way to a second place finish in Pro Men’s Features


Austin Pratt’s unique lines were one of the highlights of the weekend


Bob taking home the W

It was a fitting end to an unbelievable season of riding on the Wake Park Triple Crown. There is no doubt that 2014 is going to be even crazier with a lot more progression and fun. Stay tuned to Alliance Wakeboard Magazine and this website for more coverage from all the Triple Crown events.


Pro Men’s Overall podium: 1st – Tom Fooshee  2nd – Chandler Powell  3rd – Chad Worrall


Pro Men Features Overall podium: 1st – Tom Fooshee  2nd – Graeme Burress  3rd – Jimmy LaRiche


Open Women’s Podium: 1st – Chelsea Foy  2nd – Yun Heehyun  3rd – Vicki Dill


Open Women’s Features podium: 1st – Yun Heehyun  2nd – Chelsea Foy  3rd – Vicki Dill


Open Men’s Features Podium: 1st – Brock Zager  2nd – Theo Koester  3rd – Jason Rich


Wakeskate Podium: 1st – Daniel Grant  2nd – Aaron Reed  3rd – Bret Little


Pro Women’s Podium: 1st – Cosima Giemza  2nd – Angelika Schreiber  3rd – Courtney Angus


Pro Women’s Features Podium:  1st – Tracy Baynham  2nd – Angelika Schreiber  3rd – Courtney Angus


Pro Men’s Podium:  1st – Tom Fooshee  2nd – San Im  3rd – James Windsor


Pro Men’s Features Podium:  1st – Bob Soven  2nd – Oli Derome  3rd – Austin Pratt