The first stop of the 2015 Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown came to a conclusion today in epic fashion at the Miami Watersports Complex. With the event getting pushed back due to bad weather Friday night, the riders had to hit the water early on Saturday. Needless to say the action started fast and furious in a way never before seen in the history of the WPTC series.
Highlights from the final day of the kickoff weekend included a brand new division for WPTC series: Best Trick. After some insane demos the last couple years, the powers at be decided riders should be rewarded for doing one jaw-dropping trick off the UNIT XL kicker. They didn’t disappoint as they showed just what’s possible when you charge full speed into a kicker at a cable park.
The King, Tom Fooshee, putting it down in the finals for Pro Men. It’s a scene he’s more than accustomed to
After shuffling around some of the format and structure of the contest to accommodate for the weather problems, riders took to the water and proceeded to throw down in hopes of earning a portion of the prize money, which is the biggest it’s ever been at the WPTC.
The day concluded with Pro Women’s, Pro Men’s, Wakeskate, and finally best trick, which brought the crowd to its feet along the shores of the world’s newest cable park. The women’s final was missing regular Ang Schriber, who struggled in her semifinal run and missed the cut, but that opened the door for newcomer Taylor McCullough, whose solid riding got her a spot on the podium. Nobody could beat reigning Queen of the Cable Courtney Angus though, as she once again rocked she’s the girl to beat.
James Windsor on his way to 2nd place
In Pro Men’s Graeme Burress edged out Chandler Powell in the semifinals in what will probably go down as the closest point differential in the WPTC. Graeme couldn’t convert that semifinal magic into a strong enough performance to make the podium though. The top spot was taken by the one and only Daniel Grant, who showed that he continues to be one of the best all around park riders in the world with his mix of tech, style, and fluidity in his riding.
The wakeskate division saw a bunch of familiar faces, but they were new to the WPTC series. The likes of Dieter Humpsch, Andrew Fortenberry, and Nick Taylor all rode in the finals, but none could knock off Daniel Grant, who grabbed his second first-place spot of the weekend. Yes, he’s really good.
Nick Taylor laid it down at the Triple Crown
The contest and weekend concluded with the new Best Trick division. Chandler Powell, Jimmy LaRiche, Yonel Cohen, and Tom Fooshee threw down their biggest and best tricks to the delight of the crowd. Jimmy tried several huge method backside 180’s before finally stomping it as the last trick of the contest, but he was ultimately edged out by Chandler Powell’s equally huge and unique toeside shifty backside 540.
Jimmy going huge for his method backside 180
All in all, despite a couple hiccups from Mother Nature, the weekend was a huge success. Many thanks to Miami Watersports and Aktion Parks for putting together an unbelievable facility and hosting a contest like the WPTC on your opening weekend. Thanks also to the sponsors of the event: Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Hyperlite, Jobe, CTi, and VS 360 cameras. Most importantly thanks to the riders for putting it all on the line and helping push the world of competitive park riding forward.
Pro Men’s 
1st: Daniel Grant
2nd: James Windsor
3rd: Tom Fooshee
4th: Graeme Burress
Pro Best Trick
1st: Chandler Powell
2nd: Jimmy Lariche
3rd: Tom Fooshee
4th: Yonel Cohen
Pro Women’s
1st: Courtney Angus
2nd: Sophie Hogben
3rd: Taylor McCullough
4th: Jamie Lopina
Pro Wakeskate
1st: Daniel Grant
2nd: Andrew Fortenberry
3rd: Nick Taylor
4th: Dieter Humpsch
Super Grom
1st: Trent Stuckey
2nd: Tyler Worrall
3rd: Gavin Stuckey
4th: Garrett Coleman
Open Men’s
1st: Theo Koester
2nd: Austin Runman
3rd: Joey Gallagher
4th: Anthony Genova
Open Women’s
1st: Shannon Stuckey
2nd: Olivia Pease
3rd: Chelsea Foy
4th: Taylor Oxford