Despite some severely rainy conditions the qualifying rounds of the final stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown went down at OWC today. Thunderstorms and lightning strikes set delays in the riding all day long, but the competitors persevered and worked their hardest to make it through to the final rounds, which start tomorrow (Saturday) at 9:00 AM EST. With OWC installing several new Unit rails and kickers over the past couple years, including the freshly installed Silas Thurman signature pool gap, the park was ready for some serious shredding. Competition covers a wide range of riding with divisions for Amateur Women, Open Men, Amateur Obstacles, Pro Wakeskate, Pro Obstacles, and Pro Men. At the end of the day this is how the competition shook out. Be sure to head over to OWC on Saturday morning to see some of the best cable riding in the world. Judging by the riders who made the finals, you are guaranteed a good show (and the weather is supposed to be much nicer).

Here is the riding order for tomorrow’s semi-final and final rounds:

9:00 Pro Features    Pro Features    Pro Features
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02    Semi Finals    Heat #:    03
1    Nico Von Lerchenfeld    GER    1    Steel Lafferty    USA    1    Robert Sichel
2    Shawn Watson    USA    2    Julian Cohen    USA    2    Dylan Miller    CDN
3    Brian Reeder    USA    3    Tony Carroll    USA    3    Marc Rossiter    UK
4    Olivier Derome    CDN    4    Tom Fooshee    USA    4    Daniel Grant    THA
Pro Features
Semi Finals    Heat #:    04
1    Dominik Hernler    HUN
2    James Windsor    AUS
3    Brenton Priestley    USA
4    Raphael Derome    CDN

10:20 Am Features    Am Features
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Ian Cole    USA    1    Yun Sang-Hyun    SK
2    Brock Zager    USA    2    John Dreiling    USA
3    Jake Pelot    USA    3    Yonel Cohen    USA
11:00 Men’s Pro    Men’s Pro
Semi Finals    Heat #:    01    Semi Finals    Heat #:    02
1    Austin Hair    USA    1    Nick Kamper    USA
2    Steffen Vollert    GER    2    Nico Von Lerchenfeld    GER
3    James Windsor    AUS    3    Nick Davies    GBR
4    Tom Fooshee    USA    4    Daniel Grant    THA

11:30-12:30 Park Open to Public (Time Permitting)

12:45 Pro Features Top 8

1:15 Women’s Am    1:25 Men’s Open
Finals    Heat #:    01    Finals    Heat #:    01
1    Alexa Score    USA    1    Davis Havens    USA
2    Angelika Schriber    AUS    2    John Dreiling    USA
3    Meagan Ethell    USA    3    Ji Hoon    SK