Come on now, you knew it would only be a matter of time before we wrote something about this Twitter craze sweeping the globe. Chances are you’ve already made up your mind to love or hate twitter, and that’s great, but hear us out. After a little research we’ve discovered a whole list of reasons for you to sign up for an account in the form of sweet pros with Twitter accounts.

Now you can check out the hot new soccer cleats Rob Jaques ( just bought for a screaming good deal and then with a simple @ sign tell him, hey, I have the same ones!

Like pictures? Then you should follow Bryan Soderlind ( He’s always posting outtakes from his shoots (though we’re not sure how he manages to get the film developed so quickly, kidding, he has an iphone) and sometimes he shoots things other than wakeboarding (see the wrestler babe above.) Speaking of photos, Joey Meddock is always posting sick shots on his twitter too. (

Want the behind the scenes take on Red Bull’s crazy wake stunts, or what it’s really like to hang out with Brian Grubb? Then you should follow JD Webb ( And if you are really interested in the travels or Brian Grubb, you can follow him as well.  (

Did you know Adam Errington has the same airport troubles as the rest of us? Pesky airlines making him pay to check bags. Well you would if you followed him, and then you could at reply him and tell him to keep his chin up. (

Have you ever stayed on a house boat? It’s pretty cool, but if you can’t be there yourself, follow Andrew Adkison ( He’s currently chilling Bryan Hutton on his houseboat in Kentucky. Follow him and it’s like you are there!

Does having the last name Bonifay really make you cooler than everyone else? Well Parks ( got to check out a filming of the Nitro Circus and go golfing with Danny Harf so probably. For more proof, we checked out Shane’s ( and he’s jumping out of planes, drinking with Keith Lidberg and also golfing with Danny. Not too shabby.

So we think you get the idea. By following these people, it’s like they are your friends. And to start your twitter journey off right, here are a few more super stars to follow.

Jeff McKee

Phillip Soven

Aaron Rathy

Derek Grassman

Kyle Alberts

Nick Jones

Chad Sharpe

And of course, follow us too: