In April 2008, Alliance MultiMedia launched and it almost instantly became the new site for wakeskating on the web. The launch was timed to coincide with the first stop of the Byerly Toe Jam, where Alliance took advantage of the action, posting real time results and daily video from the event. The efforts did not go unnoticed. Justin Pineau of Coquitlam, BC wrote in, “I was getting sick of having to wait and wait to hear results. Alliancewakeskate's got it covered. Keep up the good work cap'n.”

Since the launch, has seen a steady increase in traffic, and a new community form through its daily updates and open comments forum. Users of are encouraged to share their opinions and get involved, which has kept people checking back again and again. And of course, posting the best content wakeskating has to offer hasn’t hurt. Users eagerly await the “Monday Covers,” the best shot of the week featured in a downloadable cover format. “I love the monday covers, I always look for them,” said Alex Galzaka of Boca Raton, FL. features interviews with the top riders in the sport, including video, as well as monthly profiles of up-and-comers. Bi-monthly spot checks, bi-monthly trick tips, and columns from professional riders are all regular fixtures of the site. And of course the blog, often updated multiple times a day, is the best place to learn what new tricks are going down, who’s out with injury, or just get a good laugh at the thoughts of many of our regular contributors.
Just like the sport of wakeskating,’s growth shows no signs of slowing. In addition to being a great resource for those already passionate about the sport, the site is designed to be interesting to those just thinking about trying it. The efforts are sure to help grow the burgeoning sport into one of the most popular watersports of the future.