The 2012 annual Wakesports Halloween shred at the Carlsbad lagoon was definitely a fun filled day with plenty of water-boarding tricks, and treats. It seemed that the theme this year was overtaken by the pirates mumbling they have found gold right here at the Carlsbad lagoon with perfect conditions.  While most other areas in the county had rain we were nestled with sunlight from the heavens above as if they knew not to ruin sacred water and that it was the birthplace of wakeboarding.  There is a reason they call this the golden state and it showed during the expression session as Blaine Cash, team rider dressed as LaLa (a yellow teletubby) took the award for best dressed throwing down plenty inverts and spins without losing his head.   We had guest appearances from Liquid Force riders Daniel Doud, and Shelby Kantar dressed to impress as this was a treat for all. Wakesports  team rider Reed Watson showed up with a winch for all the pirates to drool over.  He dressed as the caveman from Geico before heading off to Australia.  I got to see Wakesports team rider Pebbles aka Robbie Culp jump over Bamm Bamm listening to bedrock jams behind the lagoons vessel.  Someone must of slipped on a banana as Bryson hancock aka Shrubs in the banana suit was getting booted while grabbing everything with style.  Team rider Jack Burk dressed as a shadow in the night just having fun taking everything wake to wake while getting his boost on.  This was refreshing to see some solid grabs with style from the up and coming groms . We had 14 year old Austin Polterock team rider throwing down back side big spins like nothing and taking everything wake to wake with a smooth style dressed as the grim reaper killing everything that got in his way.  WSR and Wakesports original team rider Eddie Valdez made his appearance as the dark night showing everyone what it takes to be a true superhero in the watersports industry showing his solid foundation of poked out grabs with a style that is sure to please even the grumpy old pirates.  The day was filled with laughter and another  Halloween shred success.  After the riding was over we made sure to join Josh Cantor and the rest of the Wakesports crew on the pirates Plank deck for some of greasy Greg’s homemade chili.  He also surprised everyone with hot Cocoa and nachos that were all you can eat so that you can get plump, pass out and then get robbed by all the pirates waiting like vulchers.  All in all a great day with a great group of individuals as it always feels like family all the time putting on events like these to get more people involved in watersports.

By: Jason Allison