Kickoff weekend:
o    June 13th at 5pm to June 14th at 5pm
o    Lake Rachel
o    Skiing, wakeboarding, music, message, camping, fun

Weekly schedule:
o    Tuesdays, 3:00-9:00pm, June 17th to August 5th (8 sessions)
o    Lakes Rachel, Burgen, Trophy, Laura, and perhaps Brophy and Grant
o    Skiing, wakeboarding, coaching, devotions, food, music, pictures, fun
o    Regular attendance is highly encouraged

Trained drivers, coaches, and safety directors:   by USA Waterski

Curriculum:  provided by Action Sports Ministries

Ages 12-15 (interested Sr High kids can contact us to possibly help coach)

Tournaments and exhibitions:  to be announced

Cost:  $160 (plus $40 for annual USA Waterski membership)

Scholarships:  available from Action Sports Ministries (ask Gary)

To register:
o    contact Gary Anderson this month to show preliminary interest or ask questions
o    send check to Scott Deitz, payable to LLSC
o    join as active wakeboard member at
o    registration deadline – April 15th

o    Gary Anderson – 320-815-5187
o    Al Carlson – 320-815-0187
o    Scott Deitz – 320-808-4051
o    Website:  under development