Teleski Nautique d’Arenthon (TNA) features a 5 pylon Rixen full cable sytem with one of France’s most unique corners. Only 27m separate pylon 1 and 2…it’s the famous P2.

The wake park at TNA has a Fun Box, a Rooftop, a Slidebox, an Up Rail and 2 Kickers. TNA also has a Lil’ Bro 2.0, 100m long, ideal for beginners and lessons, as well as for more advanced riders who wish to work on their tricks.

The TNA has a Snack Bar with a terrace, a Pro Shop with a large range of top-of-the line gear, as well as a lot of grassy areas for the whole family to enjoy.

Name:Teleski Nautique d’Arenthon(TNA)
Arenthon, France