Located just outside of Sacramento and serving all of Northern California, Wake Island is the first full size cable wake park in California.

Wake Island is an 80 acre watersports park that consists of a five-tower cable system for wakeboarding and wakeskating, a two-tower cable system for beginners, as well as a 16-acre lake used for boating and an 8-acre lagoon used for paddle boarding. The cable wake park has a great assortment of new features for an awesome day of riding.

With 7,000 square feet of observation deck, a tropical beach, and an assortment of food and beverages, Wake Island is a great place to hang out with the entire family for the day. The only thing you need to bring is a swimsuit & a towel, they provide everything else!

Their 2,300 ft boat lake is specifically designed for water skiing. The USA Water Ski approved slalom course is set up for Perfect Pass speed control with timing magnets. The abundant poplar, pine, and eucalyptus trees surrounding the lake, as well as a 12ft high berm running the length of the lake provide an ideal windbreak and optimal skiing conditions at all times. A covered dock is available for day use. The boat lake is limited to private membership and members have access to special cable pass rates.

Ride the rails in Northern California at Wake Island!

Name: Wake Island Watersports
Location: Pleasant Grove, California