Friday, November 16, 2018: WaterSports Central and are pleased to announce a retail collaboration aimed at providing a rider-centric experience for WaterSports Central clients as well as deepen their respective positions in the watersports industry.

This all-new partnership will allow WaterSports Central to expand its product offering by utilizing’s reach and resources as a global leader in wake-specific retail. Additionally, WaterSports Central’s new boat clients will receive a unique, one-time-only 20% off pro-shop discount as well as an indefinite 10% off pro-shop discount either in-store or online at, a Georgia company founded in 1997, has been known best as being owned by a core group of devoted wake enthusiasts who are deeply invested in the wake community. Their passion for wake-sports, longevity in the industry, and vision for the future are a perfect complement to WaterSports Central, who for 20 years have been equally as devoted to watersports and seeking utmost customer satisfaction. WSC Director of Marketing Brandon Lee said “The Buywake family is a major contributor to the success and progression of the watersports industry, from how much they invested in grassroots marketing to the pro athletes they have supported and continue to support. Buywake’s dedication to local events and the core of the sport are a big reason I love this industry…because their passion is so contagious. I can’t wait to see the future of watersports unfold in Georgia and South Carolina with the shared passion between WaterSports Central,, and Nautique Boats.”

With this partnership, select WaterSports Central locations will include “Pro-Shops Powered by Buywake,” which can now be seen at the Buford dealership with an all new look and 2019 product. GM Lee Elliott commented “The relationship between BuyWake and WaterSports Central is years deep and incredibly strong. WaterSports Central is an exceptionally talented and passionate crew that we are hyped to partner with as we foray back in to brick-and-mortar retail. Together we have so much to offer from an exceptional breadth of product, to events and demos, to our shared support of the Atlanta wakeboarding community. This is the beginning of something really special.”

 The cornerstone to the partnership, however, is the incredible relationship that both Buywake and WaterSports Central share with industry leading Nautique Boats. Creative Director Derek Davis said “Our relationship with Nautique isn’t calculated for any other reason than we believe and know they have the best product on the planet. Our goal with partnering with WSC is to continue the growth of towed watersports with a company that is loyal, honest, and provides the best boats to buy in Georgia and South Carolina.”


Contact: Brandon Lee

WaterSports Central

About is a universally recognized global leader in wake-specific retail. Founded in 1997 in Kennesaw, Georgia, is owned and operated by a core group of devoted wakeboarders who are deeply invested in the wake community, and has evolved by staying true to its essential principles of service, knowledge, integrity, commitment and passion. always has been and always will be unyielding in their collective efforts to push the progression of wake retail. is the only real online wake shop.

About WaterSports Central: WaterSports Central has provided customers with the best boating experience possible for over 19 years. With hundreds of service and sales qualifications and awards from multiple manufacturers, WaterSports Central’s commitment to the customer experience is paramount. WaterSports Central prides itself on leading the market with the highest quality products, a customer-centric mentality, a highly trained staff of enthusiasts, and an unprecedented level of service. WaterSports Central offers expertise in boat sales, service, and watersports needs in both Georgia and South Carolina.

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