Words and photos by Spencer Smith

Now that spring ride has passed, it’s time to re-live some of the best moments. The double-ups were huge, girls were wild, & the parties were hoppin. With record breaking attendance the double up contest went down mid Saturday morning. Riders from all over the Nation tried their best to hit either the biggest air or best trick. Trevor Hansen nailed 2 double back rolls that had everyone on their feet. It wasn’t long before a party heavy crowd witnessed the Vandall take to the flight levels. Not only was Randall able to soar the highest with multiple cab front flips, he also pulled out the craziest tech trick with a TS BS 540 & 720. It was definitely a sight to see. I don’t think anyone will also forget his HUGE switch mute shifty BS 180 either. Honorable mentions include Trever Mauer with a HS BS 700, JD Webb with a TS 1080 attempt, Jimmy LaRiche HS FS 900, and Phillip Soven with a HS BS 900 attempt. Randall took down both big air and best trick winning a total of $3,000. The after party with a live DJ went off and everyone partied till the break of dawn. Huge thanks to Malibu boats & the CIE boy’s for another great event. Oh can’t forget about Chris Williams and Eddie Valdez, they drove all of the double ups on Saturday, thanks!!!! Stay tuned to an upcomming issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine for more photos and text.