The off season is upon us and every rider is handling it differently. Some are balancing on top of medicine balls while others are vacationing in Panama. Two went back to college and several more went fishing. It’s a great time of year to find out what the pros are up to when their schedules finally begin to slow, hence the question we presented to Oli Derome: What’s Next?


Next Vacation: 

I would really like to go snowboarding out west or a surf trip early next year.


Next “work” trip:

California in 2 weeks, Malibu shoot on the MXZ. Can’t wait!


Next meal:

After 2 days in a row eating at a vegan restaurant for lunch because of Dylan M, I’m debating between Phil’s left over wings and meat lover’s pizza or a home made tuna melt wrap.


Next trick you’re working on:

2 flips 1 jump off of 2 colliding wakes. Getting so close on the last day of filming for Lipsmack sucked, I want it.



Next gift you’ll buy:

My short little mother’s b-day is coming up soon, so if you have any good ideas let me know in the comments section bellow!


Next movie you’ll see:

Argo, Friday night with the only P. Wieland.


Next concert you will attend:

Not sure, I guess I could knock out 2 birds with 1 stone by going to see Celine Dion in Vegas since I’ve never been.


Next costume you will wear:

Halloween is just around the corner so I better get to work if I wanna out do my self from the last. Oompa loompa, do ba dee doo…


Next time you’ll get drunk:

The best times are the unplanned ones, so who knows. Next planned party is for sure Halloween.


Next modification to your car:

My Toyota Matrix is pretty fast, especially since the speed cracks on the windshield have been growing…new windshield needed.


Next app you’ll download:

Songza, supposed to be pretty good.


Next website you will visit:

Ebay, try and get some more Super Nintendo games. Xbox is so overrated.


Next date: 

First let’s find me a prospect!