Collin Harrington is man of many talents, including guitar modeling, although it’s pretty easy to look good at guitar in a still photo. Even though you can’t hear his rendition of “stairway,” trust us, Collin whales on the guitar too.


What’s up with Liquid Force Films?

Staying busy with that. The last month or two was all product videos and things like that. Those are done so now I can get back to making the fun videos. I think its time for another skit video.


What’s up with this winter?

Haven’t made a plan yet but I am definitely getting the heck out of the cold. Might go back to Australia again for a while. Anywhere warm.


What’s up with your lady?

We’ve been getting real homey lately. We got a garden going, staining fences. Real Romantic stuff like that. Ha. She actually just started her own business, R Personal Concierge


What’s up with the new GoPro?

Its a little box of pure awesomeness. GoPro surprised us by sending all their athletes the new GoPro Hero3 in the mail 2 weeks ago and gave us one week for a video and photo contest. The GoPro edit I just made was for that.


 Another day in the life of a GoPro Athlete.


What’s up with with your DVR?

Between Nikole recording house wives and Paul recording two and a half men, There is really no room for me. Ha. I probably watch about 5 minutes of TV per week.


What’s up with your roomate French Paul?

Last night for Halloween I come home and he is dressed like Michael Phelps with a red speedo on, and next to him is Ollie Derome dressed as a smurf. French Paul and Keith Lidberg have grown way to fond of their speedos lately. Paul is also trying to become a Pro golfer at the moment. Maybe he should golf in his speedo.


What’s up with the Hurricane Sandy Swell?

I officially got skunked on the Hurricane Sandy swell. We messed around with some skis one day and got a few fun waves but they where small. I drove all over Florida for a couple days and seemed to be in the wrong spot everyday. I got the dreaded, “should’ve been here yesterday”. From the pictures I saw, it was firing everywhere that I didn’t go. It happens. Still fun though.


 Collin’s definition of “getting skunked.” Must be nice…


What’s up with the good lately? (ed. note: “good” was supposed to say “hood”, but we sent the question to Collin with the typo and he responded accordingly…What a beautiful mistake)

This whole year has been good. So much fun traveling and I made it through a season with no injuries. Cant ask for more than that.


What’s up with your riding? What’s your focus lately?

I’ve been riding a lot of boat lately. I’ve been gathering clips for a personal edit I am working on. It will be dropping very soon.


Collin gets in front of the lens in his latest GoPro edit as seen below.


What’s up with the election?

I’m not voting. I don’t follow politics at all. I cant wait for them to be over so I can stop hearing them bash each other. Should we bring Clinton back? Ha.