Danny Harf has been somewhat of a mystery man since Defy. Realistically he could bask in the glory of his movie’s success for another season, but lucky for us, Danny is healthy, motivated, and has big plans moving forward. So here we have it, the answers to the questions so many of you have wondered: What’s next Danny Harf? 


photos courtesy of Chris Garrison.


Danny, what’s up with fantasy football? 

Well I have two teams this year: One with all the pointless crew and friends and another with square one. I am currently 4-2 in square one and 2-4 in pointless. However, I had to draft my pointless team over the phone from Russia while on a Nautique trip so that team isn’t doing so hot thanks to Parks and his draft date choice.



What’s up with your golf game? 

I’ve been swinging the clubs quite a bit lately. I tied my best round ever just a few days ago with a 73 on a par 72. (Metrowest golf club by Lake Hiawassee) I feel like I’m close to an under par round soon!



What’s up with your wedding?

We just picked a date now that my fiance has graduated we are in full wedding planning mode! We will be getting married in the FL Keys March 16th!



What’s up with Buddy? 

Buddy is crazy as ever. He is my 6 year old labrador who doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. He rides on the paddle board, jet ski or boat pretty much every day! I’de say he’s got it pretty good here in Clermont!



What’s up with the new “One” line from Ronix? 

The one collection is looking better then ever for 2013. We redesigned the boots with new cutlines and an easier entry/exit but still kept the covered lace look that has become standard on the one boot. Also we brought back the time bomb core for the ronix one. It’s the lightest, stiffest and most high performance core on the market and I’m really excited about this technology.


Danny’s charging the wake hard this off-season. How could you not be with conditions like this?


What’s up with the Nautique G23?

I’ve had the G23 for a month or two now. It really has gotten me excited to wake ride again. For a while I was tired of just going wake to wake so I was just hitting double ups. Riding the new Nautique G series has totally changed the game. It’s pretty much a double up the whole way down the lake.



What’s up with Clermont during the off season? 

Clermont is awesome! there is a really good crew out here and I’de say some of the best riding going on right now is happening here. Between Rusty, Steel, Dean, Henshaw and the Hansen bros there is some serious motivation out here!



What’s up with Mom and Dad?

Mom and Dad are great! My sister has a 3 and 4 year old so they are busy being grandparents. My dad has been racing Porsche’s with his buddies and they have been sailing a 45 foot Hunter sailboat out of St. Pete in their free time.



What’s up with the pad?

The pad is good. I really dig it here. Still close to Orlando but far enough away to seem a bit rural still. Highway 50 is really starting to kill me though! The lake is coming up too so I will maybe be able to use my dock again soon. I built a new dock and the water went away before it was finished. Haven’t even really used it yet!



What’s up with 2013? What are your plans?

I’m going to ride the tour again. This winter I am going to work on a wake instructional piece for itunes and really try to dial in a couple contest runs. I am really just going to try to stay healthy for a whole year and have fun riding my wakeboard!