Whats up with your riding these days?
Riding has been going really well these days. I have been working on really trying to put a unique and stylish take on not only my big airs but harder and more technical stuff as well. I have also been riding a lot more park events and just trying to be a more well rounded rider. A lot of that has to do with my new shape i designed for 2013. I wanted a board that performed well off the wake but could also be used exclusively as a park board.

Whats up with polk county?
I like it out here in the county it’s not too far from either Tampa or Orlando, and we have a good group of riders out here pushing it.

Whats up with your new website?
I was lucky enough for Red Bull to help get this whole thing running for me. I just wanted a place that people could keep track of what i was up to and everything that i enjoy in our sport and just action sports in general. All the pro’s have Facebook fan pages but I wanted a place that people could go and easily find out more if they wanted to.

Whats up with that G23?
It has been a long time creating this boat with everyone at Nautique and all the athletes. They came to us and asked us exactly what we wanted out of a boat and here it is the best boat on the market. It has by far the biggest and cleanest wake I have ever seen and will continue to push the boundaries of our sport.

Whats up with Scott Stewart?
He is a really motivated and talented rider that is very underrated.

Whats up with Kyle Alberts?
He is an awesome friend of mine and continues to push me and blow my mind with his riding. He can be touring around on the Step-Up bus for 3 weeks straight and come do everything first try.

Whats up with the Red Bull Wake Open?
Red Bull always gives us a platform to help push our industry and with Red Bull Wake Open they hit the nail on the head. It was by far the most progressive and influential contests that wakeboarding has ever seen. Not only was the riding better then anything we have ever seen, but to have it on prime time live tv and with one of the biggest crowds ever it was just next level.

Whats up with your travels so far this year?
I have been doing the normal king of wake tour, but have also been traveling around doing a lot of Red Bull’s rail events around the world. Lots of time on planes.

Whats up with your next stunt?
I have been talking a lot with Red Bull lately about something cool for next year but we are keeping it pretty under wraps for now.

Whats up with JD Webb in the future?
Staying healthy is my number one priority, but i just want to push myself as a rider in every aspect of the sport. There are so many good riders out there I just want to try and set myself apart and grow this awesome industry that we are all apart of in a positive way.