Shane with a serious MLB face…photos courtesy of GC.


What’s up Shane Bonifay:

NTM HBU? Oh thought this was an IM. Well, I’m in Germany on the greatest trip of all time with Bob Soven, Melissa Marquardt, and Nico Von Lerchenfeld for Monster Energy.


What’s up with your hair right now?

I’m the fresh prince of Orlando, so a new cut was needed. A little shorter, a lot more beautiful. Thanks Lauren Loe, call me maybe?


What’s up with the Shane line by LF?

Do you want the sales pitch? Ok good, cause I don’t know it, but I Love my line!

But really the Shane hybrid is one of the best all around boards; boat, cable, rails, whatever. And they boots are my favorite design yet. So comfy!


What’s up with the off season?

Off season? Never heard of this. I don’t know if you know what I know about serious training, but I’m serious….. about training.


Shane taking his method to downtown Orlando in the 2012 Alliance Method Contest.


What’s up with 2612?

Right now my house is sort of a Euro hostel. I have Marc Rossiter (from England)living with me full time. Then I got Dominic Henler (from Austria) staying for a few months and Oliver (from Denmark) staying for a month.  They’re all really good wake park riders that  keep pushing me to stay up to par with all the kids these days.

What’s up with the new Mastercraft X-Star?

I just ordered mine the other day and can’t wait to have it at the house full time! It’s got such a good wake it’s going to be hard to keep me off Clear Lake.


What’s up with Bob (Soven) living in the hood?

You mean ginger salad? Yea, I’m not really a fan of candid cameras, so I stay away from him. Haha. No, Bob goes to school when we are at home so he doesn’t like associating with drop outs like me and I only get to hang with him on trips like the one I am on right now.


What’s up with them bitches?

They be crazy.


What’s up with the folks?

Peter B is still the entertainment director, and if you need a new foam injected swivel ski, call Betty.


What’s up with Parks being a stuntman?

Yea….it’s great but this shadow over me is really getting old. It’s really rare when a wakeboarder becomes cooler then wakeboarding…Byerly has done it, Murray’s done it, and Parks has now too.


Just another hit on the pipe at Wake the Line in Germany.


What’s up with cable contests?

I have really had a lot of fun doing these contest all year. No disrespect to the pro tour, but I have done the pro tour for years and these aren’t even really cable contests. They are more like wake park contests and its with different people and in different places. It’s a lot of fun going back and forth from boat the wake park. But my body is letting me know that it’s not a fan. I have been more sore this year then ever before.