Is he Canadian? Yup with weird eyes.

Does he love women? Facebook says he’s got a GF so that must be true. It’s on the web, her names Katie.

What’s his favorite Romantic Comedy? His own life…

Does he read novels? I’m not sure if he can even read at all?

Photo: Cortese

Is he really a “gangsta,” or does he just like oversized t-shirts? I’ve never actually met him, so I’m just going off rumors. Yes, and Yes.

Is he any good at snowboarding? Ya he likes boardin’, his job is building parks, so I’d say maybe so.

What sort of diseases does he carry? None anymore, appendix, and tonsils are gone, he’s a sicunt. Maybe 2 colored eyes counts as a disease?

Has he ever acted in a movie? Probably, he’s pretty damn cute…

Does he wear underwear under his boardshorts or boardshorts over his wetsuit? underwear under his boardies mate.

Is it really true that he once saved a polar bear from drowning? He’s from Canada so he’s probably not afraid of the cold water. I’d say yes.

How come he refuses to spin off axis? I’ve seen him go off, don’t be hatin’ on a playa now!

When was the last time he cried? The last time the Vancouver Canucks lost.

Does he work out vigorously? He’s not that jacked, or tanned, and doesn’t do that many roids, so maybe not?

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