Kyle Rattray came into the office yesterday to show us his new board for ’08, the GB Prospect. Previously, I had only seen this board in the new Gator AD in the March/April issue of Alliance. After picking up the board and inspecting it, I thought it looked pretty fun. I asked Kyle what his favorite things were about this new mysterious board. After he had given me a laundry list of reasons, I had him write them down so I could share them with everyone in the world. If you can’t read the list that is actually signed and dated from Kyle himself, you can check out the text at the bottom.

• Beveled rails between feet
• Forgiveness when you land not 100% perfect
• Blend into sharp rail on the tail.
• You can cut and lay into an edge as hard as you want
• Channels start under your feet, progress into .9 molded in fins
• Holds the water tight when laying into a hard cut
• Wide – tip and tail, middle is 17.5 inches
• Square tip and tail, 11 inches wide allows for TONS of pop off the wake

Overall I think it’s a super easy board to ride. Forgiving, but can be aggressive when you need it. This is a board you can hop on and shred right away. You will defiantly want to give it a try for 08!! — Kyle Rattray